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Remember, this approach has nothing to do with Android ADK! This example consists of two parts: An interrupt is generated when a new byte is received. Here is a shortened excerpt: Simply put, this is a very simple software PWM. This happens when the Android side sends data to the Arduino. The interrupt routine is extremely basic:

Creating My First Web App with Angular 2 in Eclipse

Other Web Test Tools Note: Categories are not well-defined and some tools could have been listed in several categories; the ‘Web Site Management Tools’ category includes products that contain: Suggestions for category improvement are welcome; see bottom of this page to send suggestions. Load and Performance Test Tools GoReplay – Performance testing tool that listens for traffic on production servers and feeds it to test and dev environments.

ADSM: ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager: An IBM product which provides services for backing up, archiving and restoring data files by allowing a central workstation to act as a server for networked workstations and personal computers.

Please note that this tutorial was written over a year ago. ZXing has moved on quite a bit since then as have the Android Developer Tools. Some of the comments at the bottom may be able to help you out if you encounter any troubles. Sean Owen, one of the developers for ZXing has posted a comment to this blog warning of the pitfalls of integrating ZXing into your own app; doing so just to avoid having your users take that extra step of installing from the market is not a good reason.

I completely agree with this. There are many advantages to using the intent based approach as outlined in his comments. My motivation is for an enterprise app that does not have access to the Android market and involves my client installing zxing manually on thousands of devices before they are able to distribute to its business customers. So to be clear, do not use this method unless it is absolutely necessary, and if you do have to — make sure that override your intent filters so that other apps that want to use zxing do not end up calling your modified version.

Also, if zxing is already installed, then you should use that by default instead of your modified version. ZXing is one of the most popular barcode scanning applications on the market. They make it very easy for you to integrate into your application via an intent but this means that your users must manually install the application from the market. Fortunately, the app is also open source so I will show you how to cleanly build this capability into your project.

Tutorial: Build a Application with User Login & Authentication

This can happen either because the activity is finishing someone called finish on it, or because the system is temporarily destroying this instance of the activity to save space. You can distinguish between these two scenarios with the isFinishing method. Yes nothing Note the “Killable” column in the above table — for those methods that are marked as being killable, after that method returns the process hosting the activity may be killed by the system at any time without another line of its code being executed.

Note how Matlab automatically converted the Java event testEvent, declared in interface MyTestListener, into a Matlab callback TestEventCallback (the first character is always capitalized).

Locate your friends in real time with Google Latitude Wednesday, February 4, Using My Location, millions of you have been able to easily find yourselves on a map at the touch of a button. But what about finding other people? Lots of you have been requesting to see where your friends are on a map , too. Well now you can with Google Latitude. Latitude is a new feature of Google Maps for mobile, as well as an iGoogle gadget, that allows you to share your location with your friends and to see their approximate locations, if they choose to share them with you.

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Pausing program Fourth Part: The output from the hooks and the decompiled classes from the target application are shown up in this area. Intercepting traffic from JAVA based applications using JavaSnoop In this article, we look at two sample Java based applications and learn to intercept the traffic in the JavaSnoop tool: Intercepting the traffic from an applet which runs inside a browser Intercepting the traffic from a JAVA based thick client application 1.

Intercepting the traffic from an applet which runs inside a browser A Java applet is an applet delivered to users in the form of Java bytecode.

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If so, this is the blog post for you! This post will cover some old ground and provide new insights and tricks. The cause of the error message above is an intentional decision by the App-V client development team. So what is going on here with this error? Technical boring detail of the cause some folks will want to scroll down to the tricks. So the client must wait enough time after starting off the process and then place the hook.

Evil Tester: How to configure Postman Native Client App to use an external proxy

How to Hack a Phone? Here is an answer. You do not need to have access to the target mobile.

Web Services Test Tools. Rest-Assured – Open source Java DSL for easy testing of REST services. Provides several authentication mechanisms. Supports any HTTP method but has explicit support for POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH and HEAD and includes specifying and validating e.g. parameters, headers, cookies and body easily.

You can bypass emulators and test apps on a phone, a tablet, or maybe an Android-enabled trash compactor. To do so, you have to prepare the device, prepare the development computer, and then hook the two together. To test an app on a real Android device, follow these steps: On the Android device, turn on USB debugging.

Various Android versions have their own ways of enabling or disabling USB debugging. You can poke around for the debugging option on your own device or visit the TeamAndroid site for the procedures on some representative Android versions. You can keep USB debugging on all the time. Eclipse offers several ways to examine and edit this file. At the bottom of the Eclipse editor, click the Application tab. Eclipse displays a form like the one shown in the figure.

In the Debuggable drop-down list, choose True.

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Advanced Garbage Collection Options for Java: Boolean -XX options are enabled using the plus sign -XX: For options that require an argument, the argument may be separated from the option name by a space, a colon: For example, to set the size to 8 GB, you can specify either 8g, m, k, or as the argument. If you are expected to specify the percentage, then use a number from 0 to 1.

For example, specify 0.

Beginning Cryptography with Java. While cryptography can still be a controversial topic in theprogramming community, Java has weathered that storm and provides arich set of APIs that allow you, the developer, to effectivelyinclude cryptography in applications-if you know how.

Join For Free Deploy code to production now. Release to users when ready. Learn how to separate code deployment from user-facing feature releases with LaunchDarkly. Angular 2 is a framework for building desktop and mobile web applications. After hearing rave reviews about Angular 2, I decided to check it out and take my first steps into modern web development. Tools and Prerequisites Node. Terminal plugin for Eclipse —A fully working command-line Terminal inside Eclipse.

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